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Self releasing handycam glove

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GLH Design “Selfreleasing” handycam glove!

In response to the market’s requirements for cutaway handycam gloves, we just released our new product. It’s not just a handycam glove with a cutaway system, there’s many of them around. So, we went the extra mile to design our new “Selfreleasing” handycam glove. It doesn’t require an intervention in order to cutaway from the hand- it does it itself when the force applied on the camera exceeds 15 kgs. In other words- the handycam glove will jettison from instructors-hand if it gets caught on equipment in emergency situation.

The new handycam glove was developed upon request from an European dz and is currently successfully implemented into their operation. There are two models available- with a plate for standard GoPro mount and already mounted case for GoPro 8 or GoPro9.

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