Rigging Services

Our team of certified parachute riggers, qualified by both the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and APF (Australian Parachute Federation), can provide a range of services including:

  • Parachute rigger and packer training
  • Equipment solutions
  • Parachute maintenance
  • Parachute alterations
  • AAD (Automatic Activation Device) services and maintenance
  • New equipment
  • BASE (Building, Antenna, Span, Earth) equipment
  • Research and development
  • Consultation
  • And any other equipment-related needs.


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Some prices:

Inspect & pack sport reserve parachute $130.00 Assemble, inspect & pack sport reserve parachute $160.00
Assemble, inspect & pack reserve and A, I & P main $190.00 Inspect & pack pilot’s emergency rig $130.00
AAD swap [open & reclose, only if rigger available] $40.00 Assemble, inspect & pack main canopy $60.00
Assemble main/reserve canopy $ 30.00 Inspect main/reserve, compatibility certification $30.00
Pack main canopy $15.00 Install lineset [does not include line kit] $180.00
Replace suspension line $70.00 Replace steering lines toggles to cascades $90.00
Replace lower steering lines $60.00 Rush order [1-3 day service] $50.00
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