A Parachuting, Skydiving and Base Jumping equipment Design-Manufacturing Company

GLH Systems is an Australian based company that develops and manufactures adventure equipment for skydiving, base jumping and parachuting. We also offer high-quality rigging services. Our in-house rigger has over 30 years experience in packing, maintaining and repairing parachutes.  

Why deal with GLH Systems?   

Using our years of experience, we have created custom designs which allow our customers to experience the joy of flight. We focus on safety and innovation, to create products that perform better!

How do we make our equipment safer?

Our highly qualified parachute rigging staff have years of experience. We understand science, skydiving history and trends. We research, build and test to ensure we have the safe, quality made and innovative equipment. 

We have designed Swooper belly bands and clothing that have helped Swooper's achieve, unique risers that have significantly reduced the drag, a harness that has helped paraplegic people jump safely and many more. 

We believe we help skydivers achieve their goals with our traditions in innovation!

It is important to know the history of parachute design to move forward

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it is especially applicable to parachute design and manufacture; where a relatively small, esoteric group of individuals who are loosely controlled and turn on a dime, churn out designs that some eager young test jumper is willing to try. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The civilian-led sport parachute market is responsible for just about all the newest innovations in the industry over the past 45 years."
- Federal Aviation Administration of USA!