GLH Systems


Attention Skydivers and Base Jumpers.. Ready for adventure?

GLH is for the thrill seekers and adventure junkies. We like to test the limits of gravity driven sports, by creating top of the line equipment and designs.

We are designers and manufactures of high quality Swooping, Skydiving and Base Jumping gear. Everything on our online store has been designed and manufactured in Melbourne. Our designer has represented Australia in Skydiving, so we research and develop to make our parachuting equipment the best in the market.

We offer parachute repairs, maintenance, unique customer alterations, and rigging services- you name it, we do it!

Shop with confidence, as our products comply with the highest rigging standards, and our source inspections mean we only use the best quality materials.

We make our products right here in Melbourne, Australia. Buy with us as we offer worldwide shipping. GLH Systems offers solutions globally!