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Full Low Drag Risers

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The aim here was to design risers that have low drag surface for swooping but are still functional and durable for regular skydiving, mainly terminal jumps. All this was achieved and more. Our new design reduces the upper risers drag surface with 75%. Not bad in a time when milliseconds in swooping count!

The difference between our new low drag risers and all other ones available on the market is that the upper part, under the soft links surface area has been reduced to minimum. Yes, that’s where swooper’s hands in flight are, however at flare time hands go down and with this risers, you get 75% less drag than anybody else. Even though this area is not much but you win some milliseconds and distance!

Risers feature hard housing and through lock toggles. Another advantage of the risers is that toggles can be accessed easier since they’re mounted on the side of the risers, facing forward.

The new thrulock toggles, designed for this risers are also low profile and easy to grab!