GLH Jumpsuit for AFF Students
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Item: GLHFW0002
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GLH Jumpsuit for AFF Students make the experience of the fly much more exciting. Made from strong and durable materials to prevent easy wear and tear. All tailor made to fit your specific measurements and color.Standard fabric selections for this suit are slick nylon for the front and Cordura  for the legs. The forearms can be made with spandex, supplex, or 4-ply depending on the desired fall-rate. Cordura is the most popular fabric for the booties because this includes covering the knees, which is important area to protect from wear over time. Ballistic is a stiffer, heavier material and is reported to be more responsive in the air. The mesh lined front is a popular option if the front is made of a slick nylon because the mesh separates the nylon from the body. Which keeps it cooler in the heat, and acts as insulation when the temperature is cold.