Flotation Device with Large Pocket
Price $ 319.00
Item: GLHSA0038
Flotation Device

Personal floatation device is designed and manufactured by GLH Systems, in compliance with  APF SERVICE BULLETIN No. APF071206-H, Issued 30 August 2016,(Rev H supersedes APF SB071206-G (Issued 13 May 2016). It has ergonomic design comfortable for use on a solo descents or Tandem jumps. Very easy to use. It employs UXF Life vest which has approvals as follows: USA: FFA TSO-C13f, UK: CAA No. AR01504, Italy: ENAC, Brazil: ANAC. This single cell vest is the lightest weight aviation vest in the world, weighing only .9 lbs (410 grams).


Two different models available:

  1. Flotation Device with Large Pocket that can be able  to accommodate iPhone 7s, Samsung 9, etc.
  2. Regular Personal Floatation Device