About Us

GLH Systems Pty Ltd Is Australian Company That Develops And Manufactures Adventure Equipment And Provide High-Quality Rigging Services.


What We Do

We believe that the good design is timeless and try personally to help and witness the sheer joy and gratitude of an amazing flight experience using our products.


We deliver results, because your choice to be on an exciting journey of ZERO gravity depends on it.


Our Values

The Team at GLH Systems PTY Ltd are dedicated to the values of the company and use them the basis for action in their personal work behaviours, decision-making, contribution, and interpersonal interaction.


Our Core Values Are


To be accountable for the quality, cost and time management of all our projects.



To work as a team with our Clients, Suppliers, Vendors, Colleagues and our Community to ensure successful project outcomes.



To strive for excellence in all that we do.



To act with honesty and integrity in all dealings with our Clients, Suppliers, Vendors, Colleagues, the Community and each other.



To be willing to seek new ways to complete complex and challenging tasks.



To take the lead in the best practice of Skydiving and BASE Jumping Processes, so our clients can be able to receive the highest quality of service.