At GLH Systems

We Anticipate Thrill Seeker’s Needs And Provide Them with Extra Ordinary Equipment. GLH Systems Aims to Satisfy the Highest Equipment Requirements of Today's Gravity Driven Sports Through Quality And Unique Designs.

Our products comply with the highest rigging standards. Source inspections ensure only the best quality materials are used. As a result, we reward our customers with great value for world-class products.


Our company is committed to provide state of the art systems, optimized to our customer's personal requirements.


We offer numerous options and deliver within minimum period. Driven by innovation and committed to deliver unrivalled designs with aggressive styles.

We constantly research and test in order to implement new elements and options.

-Base Equipment-

GLH Systems have taken today’s conventional BASE harness/container and refined it’s design, then rebuilt it to the absolute highest standards possible.


We have taken no shortcuts and spared no expense in creating the gear necessary for you to succeed in even the most daring of exploits.

-Custom Freefly Wear-

GLH suits make the fly easier than the walk! Made from strong and durable materials to prevent easy wear and tear.


They have the right amount of comfort to maximize performance in the air. All tailor made to fit your specific measurements and color.